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Do you know what search engines optimization is?

Commonly called "SEO", it includes the actions one can realize to increase the exposure of a website on the Internet.

Actually, as attractive and well conceived a website can be, a website which is not or badly optimized for search engines will not bring business opportunities to his owner.

The potential clients have little chances to visit your website by typing the adress on their browser. In a very large majority of cases, visitors are doing researches using their favorite search engines or specialized directories.

It's understood, SEO is an essential step if you already own a website or if you want to use CREATPRO to create one.

It will be better then to choose the best requests, regarding your specificities, your business field or your product. Actually, a good ranking on keywords that no one uses will not bring you any results. What really matters is the requests frequently used by people who are likely to be interested by your services or products in order to easily turn your visitors into buyersr.

For example, imagine that your website is a shop and that you are the happy owner of a very nice shop, selling quality products at low prices. Without SEO, your shop is far away from the city where everything happens and you do not see a client very often. To start a SEO, is to move your shop to the main street, to be in a crowded artery. The concept is simple, but SEO is a long and complex work which is not tolerating any amateurism. Our SEO team uses advanced tools and techniques which have succeded to increase the results of our current clients.

To ask CREATPRO for a S.E.O service, is to enjoy a S.E.O. service which a sens of responsibility, without forbidden techniques and without any risk to see your website banned by search engines. You will also enjoy a S.E.O. wich is long-lasting with an every minute attention.

It is also to send you frequent reports giving you information about the ranking, the follow up to the indexation of the pages, the follow up of the traffic and of the optimizations allowing to adapt the website to the frequently changing algoryhtms of search engines.

You are not satisfied by your rank on search engines? You do not know who to ask to change that? Contact-us now by email or by phone: +33 (0)1 43 58 01 60 to find the S.E.O. service that suits you the best.

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In addition to our search engine optimization services, CREATPRO is proposing the management of your advertising campaigns (sponsored links) on Internet.
Everything is done in the respect of your requirements, goals and provisional budget. We find, for you, the best way to advertise on the Internet at the most competitive prices.

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